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Local Name : Sita – Asoka.
English Name : Ashok tree, Sorrow less tree.
Botanical Name : Saraca asoca (Roxb.) De Wilde (Syn .S. indica auct., non Linn.)

Botanical Description: Ashoka is a rain – forest  tree.  Its original distribution was in the central areas of Deccan plateau, as well as the middle section of the western coastal zone of Indian Subcontinent. Its leaves are pari- pinnate, leaflets 4-6 pairs , oblong or oblong-lanceolate, entire, acuminate. Flowers yellow- orange red , pods oblong , leathery, and black. Flowering and Fruiting occur from February to October.

Propagation Seeds are the most suitable propagation material.
Soil Type Asoka grows well in moist tropical areas with well – distributed rainfall. It also thrives  well in partially shaded location.
Espacement An optimum  spacing of 3m . X 3m. for a pure crop. When intercropped with herbs, a spacing of 3m X 6m is required.
Irrigation The crop is raised over high rainfall tracks. During the months without rains the seedlings require frequent irrigation.
Yield One tonne of dry stem bark per hectare is produced from a sole crop.
Therapeutic uses:
  • Decoction of the stem bark is given for thinning the blood and heart ailments.
  • Bark is astringent, used in uterine affections. It has a stimulating effect on endometrial and is       useful   in menorrhagia and leucorrhea.
  • Flowers   used as uteine  tonic , also used in biliousness hemorrhagic dysentery and diabetes.

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