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Selvi, a software professional at Cognizant Solutions is a happy person now-a-days. The glow on her  face and smile on her face is due to her shiny and silky hair.

Just a month ago she was a different  person. She was constantly worrying about her hair loss and about premature greying. Worrying worsened her hair more and her mane became completely lifeless.

But actual help came to her in the form of Youngever’s Bhringaraj Hair Oil. After trying all options and alternatives she almost broke worrying about hair. When one of her friends recommended Youngever Bhringaraj Oil, she was not sure about its results, but jut just reluctantly gave it a try.


But just three days after using it she felt a change and that change has surprised her in leaps and bounds. That made Selvi explore about Bhringraj oil and know about its history and significance. Soon after knowing about its importance, she used regularly and with in a month her hair glowed with health. Her mane flowed like wind and now every other guy she encounters can’t take their looks off her.

Found it interesting?  You also want to try it once. First let’s know about it before trying.

‘Ecllpta alba’ known as ‘Bhringaraj’ has a ‘Keshya’ effect, meaning that it directly nourishes and improves the hair. Ranjaka literally translates as “that which colors” and explains the ability of Bhringaraj to balance and improve hair color from within.

Bhringaraj Oil benefits
The most important benefit of Bhringaraj is, that it helps in the prevention of hair loss. In case, the hair has lost its color prematurely, it will regain its original color after few months of treatment.

It is to be noted that every individual has three different types of ‘doshas’. For instance, Vatha mix of air and space, Pitta fire and water combination and Kapha water with some parts of Earth. These three doshas from the basis of Ayurveda and once you know the elements air, water, space etc that suits you, you will be able to get the required medications.

Bhringaraj oil for hair growth is the best option for people having problem of hair loss. Bhringaraj oil also works in massaging the scalp and head. It relieves the mind from stress and facilitates better sleep. Bhrigaraj is also works stress and facilitates better sleep. Bhrigaraj is also used with coconut oil, sesame oil, herbs such as amala and shikakai as hair conditioners.

You can go for Youngever’s Bhrigaraj Hair Oil and enjoy the benefits of healthy hair, due to the trust, the name Youngever carries with it.

Youngever Natural Solutions is a subsidiary of Farmwealth Biotech in India, an Established Farming Company having a decade of experience in the field of Nursery and Cultivation of Medical and Aromatic Plants.

They are diversified into Manufacturing of Herbal and Ayurvedic Products with the brand name of YOUNGEVER nature solutions. Since its inception, Youngever has been striving to set new standards of excellence by providing quality products to meet the exacting requirements of people.

With voluminous experience they have acknowledged the people’s health and beauty needs and served with an array of quality products.

So just go for Youngever’s Bhringarj Hair oil, leaving all worries behind and enjoy healthy hair.

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