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Home Remedies

The Profile

Botanical Names Allium sativum L.
English Name Garlic, Clove   Garlic.
Telugu Name Velluri
Family Liliaceae
Medicinal Parts Bulb
Allium sativum
It is ordered that all my workers take garlic every day to maintain their health and strength .

Garlic in Traditional Medicine
Ayurveda prescribes six essential   tastes which help in balancing dosha –aggravation.  Of these,  garlic exhibits five with the sole  exception  of the sour taste :pungency resides in its bulb, bitterness in the  leaves,  salinity at the crown, astringency in the stem and sweetness in the seeds.
Garlic has been held   in high esteem for its medicinal   use for over six thousand   years.


Iit is considered a  powerful  rejuvenative  herb. it is  an  effective   detoxifier as it cleanses  blood  and  lymph. it tends  to dilate  peripheral  blood vessels  and  as  result, the blood pressure is lowered. it acts as stimulant and antibiotic.

Topically, the fresh juice of garlic is effective for acne and other skin infections.  Internally, fungal Infections, chest problems, digestive disordrs and the risk of thromboses are all controlled by regular garlic intake.

The Oil
Garlic  derives  its  peculiar  smell  from  its  sulphur-containing  volatile oil which accounts for most Medicinal properties. The oil has an antibiotic action on the gastro-intestinal tract. it spreads throughout the  body  and  is  secreted  along  with  toxic  wastes , via  sweat, urine,  faeces, etc.

The bactericidal effect of garlic oil on typhoid bacilli is found  to be twenty-four  times greater than that of carbolic acid as measured by the  most  modern  methods.

Home Remedies


Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension, bronchial  catarrh, Intestinal  trouble (diarrhea, distension)

3 cloves of garlic, chopped and boiled in milk and taken every night

Blood infection, blood sugar, blood impurities, high cholesterol

Regular intake of garlic cloves for a few days.

Blood Pressure 2 to 3 garlic cloves taken everyday.
Gas, high blood pressure Boil 1 tsp garlic in 1 teacup milk. Take twice a day 
Fevers due to pitta-aggravation Grind 1 tsp garlic with 20 tulsi leaves.Add 1 cup water. Boil till reduced to half. Take 2 tbsp twice daily.
Cold, phlegm, tropical eosinophilia  2 garlic cloves  crushed, boiled  in a cup of water along with ½ tsp turmeric powder.
Acne, boils, Corns in the foot, warts, etc Mash the garlic cloves and apply externally.
Cough Grate a few garlic cloves. Mix in some honey and use 1 tsp daily.

Individual results may vary.
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