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Botanical Names Ficus benghalensis
English Name Banyan
Telugu Name Marri , Peddamarri
Family Moraceae
Banyan Tree

Banyan is the National Tree of India. It has the widest reaching roots of all known trees, easily covering several hectares. It is said that at one time more than 10, 000 people can sit under its shade at one time.

Description :Banyan tree is a huge tree with very extensive branches. It is said that at one time more than 10,000 people can sit under its shade at one time. It is a evergreen tree. It branches spread out and send trunk like roots to the ground in order to support itself. It grows to a height of more than 21 meters and lives for many years. The leaves are 10 -20 cm long and has many aerial roots. The leaves are broad, oval and glossy. White milky fluid oozes out of leaves, if broken. It can grow in to the gaint tree covering several hectares.

Banyan Tree

Medicinal uses :The Banyan tree also has several medicinal properties. Its leaf, bark, seeds and fig are used for the variety of disorders like diarrhea, polyuria, dental, diabetes and urine disorders. The wood of the Banyan tree is used in making door panels, boxes and the other items. Its bark is used for making paper and ropes. The milky latex that comes from its leaves and stems is used in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Health benefits

  • Ayurvedic medicine: The juice and fruits are useful as externally applied medicines for cuts, bruises, sores and ulcers. Banyan fruit and juice are used in rheumatism, lumbago, tooth and gum aches. They can also be taken internally to cure diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Tests have shown that the sap from banyan when applied locally on rheumatic patients, showed significant improvement. The effect was similar to that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
  • Control of cholesterol: The bark of banyan is useful in controlling cholesterol. Studies have shown that banyan bark can control cholesterol to a significant extent. It decreases LDL or bad cholesterol while HDL or good cholesterol levels are maintained.
  • Antibacterial properties: According to one study, banyan bark and juice possess anti-bacterial properties to a significant extent.
  • Improves immune system: Research on banyan says that taking banyan bark and juice on a regular basis will improve the immune function of the body and helps fight against disease causing microorganisms.
The dosage per day  is- half a spoon for children and one spoon for adults with a glass of milk which can be sweetened with Mishri.

Benefits for children:

  • Children grow taller
  • Weak children become stronger and their complexion improves.
  • The memory of children improves dramatically.
  • A better behavioral change is seen in extremely stubborn children.

Benefits for Men:

  • Men become stronger and get a lustre of youth.
  • It is very potent and improves men's health in general and reduces the early discharge problem in men.

Benefits for Ladies:
1. All kinds of gynec problems are solved if ladies  take this powder twice a day.
This includes - Excess discharge in periods,cysts in ovaries,white discharge problem,spotting between periods,repeated natural abortions,very light periods,some kinds of infertility and polyps.
2. It also tones up the body  and firming the flabby areas giving them a youthful appearance.

For old people:
It acts a rejuvenant for the old.

Individual results may vary.
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