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The Profile

Botanical Names curcuma longa (curcuma domestic val.)
English Name Turmeric.
Telugu Name Pasupu
Family zingiberaceae

Turmeric, the Therapeutic

Turmeric is a herb indispensable in hindu traditions and rituals. In the southern parts of india housewives exchange the rootstock on festive occasions. It is an important ingredient in indian cuisine and cosmetics.

As several parts of india are tropical or sub-tropical, there is a constant invasion of germs, virus, bacteria and fungi. This results in high rates of bio-degradability. It is here that turmeric comes into its own. Mere sprinkling of turmeric dish-as is being done by indian housewives and cooks-provides protection against innumerable tropical germs.

Turmeric is an ideal disinfectant and scouring, agent. It acts as an internal antiseptic. It cools down the digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems, arrests cholesterol problems and eliminates toxins.

turmeric plant
Home Remedies

Muscle strain Heat ginger paste with turmeric paste (1:1) and apply.
Swelling Mix 2 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp salt and apply

Take 1 tsp each raw turmeric juice and honey mixed together every morning

Bleeding (internal ) Mix 1\2 tsp turmeric and a pinch of saffron in 1 teacup warm milk and drink.
Cholera, dysentery,  indigestion, skin infections, body heat soak 1 tbsp turmeric bits in slaked lime for a couple of hours. Remove the bits. Dry them in the sun. powder them. This rose-coloured powder can be preserved in vial. Ten pinches of this powder are to be taken along with hot water, milk or honey. Twice daily.
Intestinal worms take 1 tsp raw turmeric juice, mixed with a pinch of salt first thing in the morning.
Jaundice take 1\4 tsp turmeric along with a glass of hot water 2 or 3 times daily.
Common cold and sore throat add 1 tbsp turmeric powder to boiling water. Inhale the vapours
Eye diseases Boil 1 tsp turmeric powder thoroughly in 2 teacups water till it is reduced to 1 teacup. Allow to cool. Q few drops of this cold infusion is used as eye drops.
Asthma, dry cough, throat infection A glass of milk is poured on a hot ladle with a teaspoonful of turmeric powder in it and boiled over a slow fire.
Acne Mix 1\2 tsp each turmeric and sandal powder in 1 tsp water and apply
Boils Apply a psste of 1\2 tsp each turmeric and ginger powder.
Take 2 tsp latex (milk) of calotropis and add 1 tsp turmeric powder. Mix thoroughly and apply. Repeat.
Slightly roast a big onion on a naked flame. Mash it and mix in 1 tsp each turmeric powder and ghee. Apply and tie a bandage.
Wounds, boils, tropical skin diseases, etc Fine paste of turmeric applied on the affected areas.
Cracks in the sole, itch, skin infections Finely grind equal quantities of turmeric and neem leaves and apply on the affected areas.
Unwanted hair and dull complexion Apply a fine paste of turmeric on the skin frequently.
Pain (external) Mix 2 tsp ginger paste with 1 tsp turmeric and warm and spread over a cotton cloth. Place it on the affected area and apply a bandge over it.

A word of caution
As the antifertility properties of turmeric have been scientifically proved, those who desire children may avoid its excessive use.
Excess intake of turmeric is not recommended, as it is found to cause toxicity in certain cases.
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