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The Profile

Botanical Names Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn
Ocimum sanctum Linn
English Name Holy Basil
Telugu Name Tulasi
Family Lamiaceae
Medicinal Parts Leaves, seed, roots, extracts

Tulsi, Ocimum sanctum
Tulsi, like ambrosia rose from the churning of the ocean and like ambrosia, it is to be sought after and cherished.
Holy life preserver
Holy basil, popularly called tulsi, is a mystic plant of india, closely linked to the very roots of her civilisation.
The plant is worshipped every day by orthodox Hindus. it is widely belived to possess miraculous properties that destroy all kinds of evils.
it is also believed that due to its influence one escapes sudden and untimely death.
Not only indians, but people elsewhere too revere this plant.
Haitian shopkeepers sprinkle basil water over their places of busines to chase away evil spirits and bring buyers prosperity.

Home Remedies

Liver problems Clean 10-15 leaves in hot water and eat every mornig. wash it down with a glass of hot water.
Digestion problems, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, gas problem, stomach ache A decoction of 15-20 tulsi leaves taken along with a pinch of rock salt.
Fever, malarial fever

Grind equal quantities of bel flower and tulsi leaves and extract the juice. Take 1 tsp with 1 tsp honey.

Ear diseases Leaf juice used as ear drops.
Headache grind 10-15 leaves with four cloves and 1 tsp dried ginger into a fine paste and apply on forehead.
finely ground leaf powder, sunffed occasionally.
Cold, stomach upset Boil 10-15 leaves in water and drink.
Insect bite Take 1 tsp leaf juice and drink with water. Also apply externally.
Ringworm Grind finely a bunch of leaves and apply on the cleaned affected area.
Skin diseases Take 1 tsp juice of tulsi leaves every day. Also apply externally.
Aphrodisiac Take 1/2 tsp powdered root with 1 tsp ghee.
Longevity, rejuvenation 5 to 10 leaves taken along with water every morning on an empty stomach continuously for 108 days.
Unpleasant body odour Soak 10-15 tulsi leaves in 1 teacup water and eat every morning for a month. (Note : avoid meat and foods rich in protein.)

Individual results may vary.
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