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The Profile

Botanical Names Piper nigrum L.
English Name Pepper, Black Pepper, Common Pepper
Telugu Name Miriyalu
Family Piperaceae.
Medicinal Parts Fruits.

Pepper, Piper nigrum
The bitter pepper is germicidal and loved by yavanas.
Sun Fruit
Peppers medicinal value has been known to mankind from time immemorial.
It's name Sanskrit, Marich, refers to the sun. The name is based on the belief that a very large dose of the sun's energy is trapped in the fruits of pepper. Being hot and pungent, it increases digestive power and improves appetite.
In addition to this, it can cure a host of diseases: cold, sinus congestion, cough, cardiac diseases, degenerated metabolism, colic, worms, diabetes, obesity, piles, dyspnoea, blood diseases, eczema, intermittent fevers, neurites, dysentery, night blindness, etc.
Black, White and Green
There are three varieties of pepper: black pepper, white pepper and green pepper.
While black pepper constitutes the dried but unripe fruits, white pepper is obtained from ripe fruits by removing their outer skin. Green pepper refers to the tender green spikes which are straightaway pickled in salt water for preservation and use.
Piperin, the main active principle of pepper, imparts its characteristic taste.
Clinical findings have confirmed peppers's traditional medicinal role. piperine protects the liver and is analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It stimulates thyroid glands. It also shows CNS-depressant activity.

Home Remedies

Rheumatic pains 2 to 3 tsp pepper powder is fried in 2 tsp seasame oil until charred. when it is warm, it is applied on the affected areas.
Arthritis Combine 6 tsp each dried ginger and caraway seeds and 3 tsp black pepper and grind into a very fine powder and preserve. Dose 1/2 tsp with water thrice daily.
Digestive disorders, lack of appetite

1/2 tsp ground pepper mixed with 1 tbsp jaggery powder to be taken.

Indigestion, heaviness in stomach 1/4 tsp each pepper powder and cumin powder is mixed in 1 teacup buttermilk. Drink this a few times.
Cold, fever 1/2 tsp ground pepper is mixed in warm water along with 1 tsp palm candy. This drink is taken at bedtime.
Bad breath, bleeding gums, gum inflammation, pus formation in gums, pyorrhoea A mixture of equal quantities of fine salt and papper powder, thoroughly massaged over the gums.
Cataract Grind 7 black peppercorns with 7 almond kernels into a fine paste, mix in some milk and sugar candy. Sift and drink everyday. (Note : This treatment helps the eyes regin normalcy.)
Grind 2 tsp white pepper along with 5 tsp almond kernels, and 3 tsp cane sugar (unrefined). Mix in 2 tsp ghee. Dose : 2 tsp twice daily for one month. (Note : This treatment the increasing opacity of the cornea.)
Headache Grind 5 corns of black pepper, 3 tsp each lavender flowers and coriander seeds into a fine powder. Take one-half of this with water early in the morning, then take rest.
Headache, epileptic seizures, sinus congestion Heat 1/4 tsp pepper powder in 1/2 tsp ghee. when cooled, use as nasal drops. (Caution : pepper burns!)
Toothache A mixture of finely powdered pepper and clove oil is applied on the affected areas.
Dry cough, throat irritation 1/4 tsp pepper powder is mixed with equal quantities of powder of caraway seeds and a pinch of common salt. This mixture is eaten frequently.
Reproducctive weakness, sexual debility Boil 1 teacup milk with 1/2 tsp pepper powder and 6 to 8 crushed almonds. Take at bedtime.
Common cold Boil 5 balck pepper corns, 1 tsp wheat husk and 1/6 tsp salt for 3 mts and strain. Take twice daily.
Boils, inflamed surfaces as in urticaria and erysipelas Heat pepper powder in 1/2 tsp ghee until charred. Use this as ointment. (Caution: pepper burns!)
Pimples Grind equal quantities of nutmeg, black pepper and sandalwood and apply frequently.

A word fo Caution
Pepper intake is not advisable for those who have inflammatory conditions of the digestive organs.
Pepper should be avoided by those who are prone to high pitta conditions as it heats up the body.
In excess, pepper can act as an irritant as its quality is rajasic.
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