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Home Remedies

The Profile

Botanical Names Allium cepa L.
English Name Onion
Telugu Name Nirulli
Family Liliaceae
Allium cepa

There is no substance which is absolutely of good or bad qualities. Hence our concern should be select such substances as possess more of the required good qualities.
The Oldest Cultivated Herb
Onion is considered the oldest cultivated herb. For the ancient Egyptians, onion was both food and medicine.
The ancient sages of India, Atreya and Dhanvantri, had acknowledged the utility of the onion in fighting ailments.
Onion in Gastronomy and in Medicine
Onion has a universal appeal in gastronomy. Besides its bulbs, its green shoots, flowers and seeds-all have found their way into the kitchen. Incidentally, all these parts are also reputed to possess medicinal uses traditionally in households in India.


Home Remedies

Cholesterol thickening of the arterial walls Mix equal quantities of onion juice with warm mustard oil and apply on the affected parts.
Stomach ache, hoarseness, cough

Take 1 tsp onion juice mixed with 1 tsp honey

Ear diseases, certain types of deafness Raw onion juice as ear drops
Eyesight improvement Juice of onion flowers used as eye drops.
Piles Take an unripe fruit and pound it along with 1 tsp each dried ginger and saunf and soak these in 4 teacups water. sip this water 3 to 4 times a day.
Fever, malaria Extract 1 tsp each juice from tulsi leaves and bel flowers. Add 1 tsp honey. Take twice a day.
Eye disease, redness in eyes Pluck a handful of tender leaf buds and roast in mud pot. Tie them in a muslin cloth and apply on eyelids, when bearably warm.
Watery sperm Soak 1/4 tsp bel gum in glass of water overnight. Drink the water early next morning.
Asthma Chew a bel leaf along with 3 or 4 black peppercorns early in the morning. 1 teacup warm milk can also be taken. Continue for 30-40 days.
Pox, smallpox Mix 1 tbsp pulp of the ripe fruit (after removing fibres and seeds) in 1 teacup cow's milk (boiled and cooled) and drink.
Body weakness Mix 1 tbsp pulp of ripe fruit with 1 tsp palmyrah candy (or sugar) and eat frequently.

A word of caution
Excess intake of bel produces atony of the intestine causing flatulence and a sensation of heaviness.
Bel pulp should be chewed thoroughly and it should not be gulped down. If taken hurriedly, it may cause a sensation of heaviness.
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