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Home Remedies

The Profile

Botanical Names Azadiracbta indica A.Juss. Melia azaderacbta L
English Name Neem, Margosa, Indian Lilac
Telugu Name Vepa
Family Meliaceae.

Neem, Azadirachta indica
Nimba, the great medicine for the cure of pitta-aggravations and for blood-purification.
Nature's Air Purifiers
In this otherwise pollution-warpped planet, it is heartening to note that over eighteen million neem trees, dedicated air-purifiers, are constantly engaged in releasing pure oxygen into the air, replacing toxic carbon gases.

Almost all parts of this tree can claim some or the other medicinal use. for the hindus, it has a certain spiritual significance too. It is believed that its abundant inflorescences promote spiritual achievements.

Home Remedies

Joint pains, rheumatism, ringworm, scabies, itch Regular massaging of body with neem oil.

Take 1 tsp of the inner bark mixed with 2 tsp jaggery powder.

Excess flow of blood due to piles Eat 3-4 unripe neem fruits (even if it is bitter)
Fever The leaf decoction taken with pepper powder.
Certain types of deafness Two drops of lukewarm neem oil put inside the ear.
Gum diseases, loose teeth and bad odour Neem twigs used as tooth brushes.
Headache/stomach ache Neem flowers, ground and applied over head/stomach.
Boils, glandular swellings, pimples, syphilitic sores, skin eruptin, ulcers, wounds Leaves ground into a paste and applied on affected parts.
Chronic skin diseases, itch, scabies, rheumatism, ringworm Rub neem oil on affected areas
Leprosy Sap of the neem tree taken in daily doses for 40 days continuously. ( the patient should also be massaged with this sap.)
Skin problems Leaves soaked in water, kept under the sun for several hours. Regular bathing in this infusion.
Wounds Grind into a fine paste equal quantities of chebulic myrobalan, turmeric and neem leaves along with a little lime juice and apply.

A word of caution
Neem should be used with discretion if severe fatigue or emaciation is noticed. Avoid excessive use of neem.
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