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Botanical Names Glycyrrhiza glabra L.
English Name Sweet Liquorice, Sweet-Wood, Liquorice Root.
Telugu Name Yashtimadhukam
Family Fabaceae.

Liquorice: Yashtimadhukam

Roots and lower stems are used as a buffer in herbal prescriptions, act similar to adrenocortical hormones, and are effective against stomach ulcers and Addison's Disease.

Liquorice has been know for thousands of years for its medicinal value.

it is one of the principal drugs mentioned by Susruta. It has been evaluated as rasayana by both Charaka and Susruta, in their respective treatises.
in India, the crude drug as well as its dried aqueous extract is mainly used in bronchial troubles.

Pharmacology : Glycyrrhizin isolated from the root is the principal sweetening ingredient. Glycyrrhizin ointment is employed clinically for inflammatory skin diseases. Its antiinflammatory activity is reported to be akin to that of cortisones.

Home Remedies

Jaundice Make a fine powder of 1 tsp each crushed liquorice root. chicory seeds and rock salt. Take 1/2 tsp with water twice daily.
Low B.P., fatigue Add 3/4 teacup crushed liquorice root to 4 teacups cold water and allow it to stand for 2 hrs. Then bring it quickly to a boil and steep for 5 mts. Add this to the bathwater in the rub.
Peptic ulcer, muscular pain, etc

Soak 1/2 tsp liquorice root powder in 1 teacup water and leave overnight. Mix into the infusion 1 teacup rice gruel (cooked broken rice) and take every morning.

Aching eyes, burning sensation during the discharge of urine, deterioration in vision, headache on one side Powder equal quantities of liquorice and cumin. Take 1/4 tsp every day along with 1 tsp honey for a month.
Inflammation in mouth, mouth ulcers, etc soak 1 tbsp crushed liquorice root in 2 teacups water for 2 to 3 hrs and use it for gargling frequently.
Bronchitis Boil 2 tsp each crushed liquorice root and linseed in 2 teacups water for 10 mts. Strain and sweeten with 4 tbsp honey. Take 1 tsp twice or thrice a day.
Wounds Mix 1 tbsp liquorice root powder with equal quantities of ghee and honey. Apply it as onintement over wounds
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