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The Profile

Botanical Names Dhatura stramonium L.
English Name Thorn Apple, Stramonium.
Telugu Name Tellavummetta, Datturamu
Family Solanaceae.

Dhatura stramonium

Offer flowers of Dhatura to Trilochana in the month of Shravana.
The Herb of Shiva
Dhatura is known as Chandrashekhara in the ancient herbal texts of India, after its mythological association with Lord Shiva.

Dhatura and the Tradition of Medicine
Dhatura is a wll-known drung in traditional medicine in india. it is widely used in poisoning due to the bites of insects and animals, particularly in the treatment of dog bite, snake bite, ect.. It possesses properites analogous to those of belladonna as it counteracts spasmodic disorders and induces sleep.

Both seeds and leaves of dhatura are inhaled in whooping cough, asthma and other respiratory diseases. for the rheumatic swellings of joints, lumbago, sciatica and neuralgia, the leaf, smeared with an oil, is warmed and applied. Sometimes the leaf is made into a poultice and applied.

Dhatura in Unani Medicine
In the Unani system, Roghan Dhatura is used as a massage oil for the paralysed portion of the body. Seeds are used in Haba Shafa, a sure cure for asthma

Home Remedies

Swollen legs Mix 1/2 teacup each of the juices of dhatura leaves, madar leaves and ginger. Allow the mixture to boil in 1/2 teacup sesame oil. cool and apply on the swollen limbs.
Baldness Make a paste of 2 tsp each liquorice root and seeds of dhatura, a little saffron and 1 tsp milk cream. Fry this paste in 2 tsp coconut oil till charred. Apply on bald patches. (caution: Dhatura is poisonous.)

Grind a tender fruit of dhatura and apply on the bald patches. ( Note : some doctors recommend that one’s own saliva be used for grinding the tender fruit, instead of water.)

Put a few drops of leaf juice into the affected ear.

Earache, suppurative conditions of the ear Boil 1/2 teacup each dhatura leaf juice and sesame oil in a tin vessel on a low fire. When half of the juice has evaporated, put in 7 leaves of madar, smeared with oil and sprinkled with a little salt. Boil till they are charred. Strain and bottle. Use as ear drops.
Soreness in the eye Put a few drops of leaf juice into the ear, opposite the affected eye.
To stop lactation Tie warmed leaves of dhatura on the breasts.
Boils Warm dhatura leaves. Tie on the affected areas.
Smear a little castor oil on dhatura leaves and heat over the flame. Tie as bandage on the affected parts.
Burn the shoots of dhatura in hot ashes. Mix the ash with an adequate quantity of castor oil and apply on the affected parts.
Snakebite Crush the roots of dhatura and min with lime juice and tie on the bitten area.
Mental derangement Soak a few dhatura flowers in water and use this for washing the head every day (Caution: Dhatura is poisonous.)

A word of caution
Dhatura is a highly poisonous plant and hence extreme care has to be exercised while handling it. Any treatment has to be undertaken under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner.
The drug is for external use only.
Grind lotus root in milk and take 1 tsp thrice a day for two days, in case dhatura poisoning is noticed.
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