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The Profile

Botanical Names Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.
English Name Rose of China, Shoe-Flower, Chinese Rose, Chinese Hibiscus.
Telugu Name Jasum, Japapushpam
Family Malvaceae.

Hibiscus : Hibiscus rosa sinensis

Dried flower powder enhances masculinity and soothes burning sensation during urination.

Chinese Hibiscus is also known as shoe-flower. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant in gradens.

Science endorses Tradition
Its flowers are astringent, hypoglycaemic and considered to have an aphrodisiac quality. They are extensively used in treating alopaecia, burning sensation in the body, diabetes, menstrual disorders, piles, fever, cough, menorrhagia and ulcer.

Recent scientific findings have confirmed their antifertility properties. Their definitive action in the treatment of arterial hyperrension stands upheld by clinical studies.

Home Remedies

Heart problems Boil 2 petals of hibiscus in 1 teacup water and strain. Mix in a teaspoonful boney and take once a day for a few days.
Weak heart Boil 5 flowers in 1 teacup water till the volume is reduced to 1/2 teacup. Add 1 tsp sugar and 1 teacup cow's milk. Take once a day.
Cystitis, irritable conditions of the urinogenital tract, urinary diseases

Boil 5 flowers in 2 teacup water. mash and filter. Add 1 tsp sugar candy. Take 1 tsp of this decoction once or twice a day for a few days.

Burning sensation while passing urine, sexual debility Dry some flower buds under the sun Powder them. Take 1 to 2 tsp with honey or ghee once or twice a day. This powder can also be added to a glass of milk and taken after the milk is boiled.
Urinary disorders Soak 10 flowers in a jug of water overnight and use this frequently for drinking.
Hair loss, dull-ness of hair Heat 10 flowers in 2 teacups coconut oil till charred. Filter and use as hair oil.
Sexual debility Cut the stamens from 5 flowers and boil in cup of milk and drink every day at bed time.

A word of caution
During the course of treatment, patients are advised to avoid meat.

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