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The Profile

Botanical Names Musa pardisiaca L.
Musa sapientum L.
English Name Banana, plantain, Kadali.
Telugu Name Kadalamu, Ariti
Family Musaceae
Medicinal Parts Root, stem, sheath, leaf, flower, fruit
musa paradisiacal

The banana promotes fertility and brings prosperity when used to decorate marriage halls.

Harbinger of prosperity

The Hindus believe that Lakshmi , the goddess of wealth resides on a banana leaf. Tradtionally bananas have always been associated with prosperity and happiness.

Indians have not ignoted this belief, and the Indian republic is , statistically speaking , the second  largest producer of bananas in the world.

One-fourth of what is produced in India comes from a single state : Tamil Nadu .This state alone cultivates around 80 varieties of banana.  Among them, Malai, Mondan,  poovan ,  peyan and  Rastali are the most well – known varieties with yellow fruits . Other varieties are: Green Nendran, Robusta, Karpooravalli, Dwarf Cavendish, etc.

Home Remedies

Anaemia , deficiencies  in blood, urinary diseases

Mix 1 tbsp juice of amla with a ripe , mashed  Nendran banana and eat twice or thrice a day.

Kidney -stones Include the inner white portion of banana stem at least thrice a week in the diet. (Radish could be an alternative).
Acidity, anaemia , diabetes , intestinal  worms , leprosy

Burn some of the root  in the fire. Collect the ash .Take ¼ teaspoonful of this ash mixed with honey for a few days.

Piles Boil a mashed ripe banana in 1 teacup milk and take twice or thrice a day.

Mix ¼ tsp black pepper powder with a mashed ripe Nendran banana and eat twice or thrice a day.

Bed sores, burns on the body , smallpox Apply  honey on the length and breadth of a banana leaf and lie on it for a few hours. Ensure its contact with the affected parts.
Burns a ripe banana and apply on burns. Bandage with betel leaves.
Skin – afflictions, wounds Dip a muslin cloth in coconut oil and spread on the affected  area. Over  this tie up a thin banana leaf like a bandage.
Jaundice, smallpox, typhoid Mash a ripe banana  along with 1 tbsp honey and eat  twice a day for a few days.
Body weakness Cook  1 cup shredded flowers and add it to the meal.
Individual results may vary.
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