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  ‘KEMO” For Cancer & Dibetic  condition  

KEMO    Treatment Plan
Blood Test Report specifically ESR , and minerals - - lron , calcium ,
Magnesium , Manganese , Sodium , Potassium , Zinc
Level and type of cancer and when diagnosed
Details of present treatment and outcome


DOSE = 1 SPOON full (2. 5 gram) with cool water one glass empty Stomach

1st  Day 6am 9. am 12 noon 3pm 6pm 9pm
2nd Day 6am 9am 12noon 3pm 6pm- 9pm
3rd  Day 6am 10am - 2pm - - 6pm -
4th Day 6am 10am - 2pm - - 6pm- -
5th Day 6am 11am 4pm      
6th Day 6am 11am 4pm      
7th Day 6am - 4pm      
8th Day 6am - 4pm      
K- salt with raw honey     in warm water/ or ZETA  9th Day 6 am - - - - -
10th 6 am          
Daily 6 am          
Daily 6 am          
Daily 6 am          
Daily for life time 6 am          

2.) KEMO extract(graviola / Soursop)
Dose” 30 ml Empty stomach one hour before  food

1st Day                    -                -         -
2nd Day 6.30  12.30 17.30
Daily 6.30 12.30 17.30

Dose to be adjusted after 30 days on health check up. Test blood for ESR and alkalinity

Cleans the Liver:

  • Take anima of pure coffee beans powder boiled in water filtered once a week
  • Use Liv-50 like medicines twice a day.
  • Rub Liquid magnesium chloride solution over the skin frequently

3)  2hours sunlight bath sitting on mud ground
4)  Use only Rock salt
5)  Test saliva p[h] 1st day, 4th day, 16th day, 30th day
6)  Detox the liver 5th day and afterwards alternate day for total 15 times.
7)  Lever and kidney protection use MT capsule daily once / or Liv 50 twice a day for one month and thereafter once per day
8)  Diet restrictions
9)  Specialty: Graviola leaves (soursop), bark, roots and fruit are said to Cure CANCER. It kills / burns the cancer cell like Chemotherapy  does. But unlike Chemotherapy side effects,there is no any harmful side effects.  The cancer cell are dissolved in the blood and extracted thru urination where as good body cells remained intact.
10) 30 ml thrice a day (Empty stomach in the morning, 2 hours before lunch and dinner) is the recommended dose. There are restrictions of foods as under ;
11) eat only the followings;
12) Sweet Dates
13) Vegetable,  pumpkins, Bitter gourd (Karela) Amla, Lauki, Tinda, Turai,Beans, unripe banana, Matar, Cabbage, Carrat (Gajar)
14) Fruits      water melon (Tarbooj), Musk melon(kharbooja), Apple, Sweet melon (Mosambi),Cucumber, Lemmon
15) Cereals  Moong with husk, Black gram,
16) Grains  Bajara, chana, ragi, Jawar, Maize, whole boiled brown rice
17) Oil Flex seed oil (Alsi oil), fresh curd butter (Tup, Noni Ghee)
18)   Drinks   Green Tea and Fresh coffee beans powder coffee(without any milk, sugar, ) Goat milk
19)  AVoid
20)   fast foods    All junk fooda, fried items, taste booster chemical, Cheese, Paneer, all types of soft drinks (contains Phosphoric acid ),preservd / tinned  foods, chocolates,
21) Avoid Microwave oven cooking / heating,
22) Avoid use of mobile, and  Electro magnetic wave  environment.
ie wireless devices
23)  Must Avoid
24) All dairy products, Potato in any form, Brinjal (Baigan) Capsicum Tamarind (These four items works like cancer cell enhancer and promote cancer in the body), dry fruits, spinach (palak), all edible oils, Non vegs, smoking, alcohol intake, Tobacco products, pan  (with artificial kattha) pan masala, gutka, or any mouth freshener, All fruits except as recommended,
25) The main object is that all eatableswhich makes our body more acidic must be avoided. We need to increase the alkalinity of blood culture. That is higher pH
26) These are some important measures one should take in the unfortunate circumstances of cancer development. 
27) After Two to three weeks, the positive results of KEMO intake as recommended, are visible. One should continue the intake of KEMO for longer period.
28. KEMO is also very good sugar regulator and highly recommended for Diabet patients. One has to Avoid all intake of sweets, alcohol, Tabacoo, etc. as per prescribed diet for diabetes.
29) Regarding KEMO pl. search on Google by click on SOURSOP ORGRAVIOLA for more exhaustive information
30) Continue your other treatments. Once the positive results are in place, further recommendation will Follow
31) Cancer caused by the use of Tobacco products, is difficult to treat.
32)  Diabetes; Adhere to the Diabetic food plans recommended by the doctors. Use KEMO along with ZETA daily(Zeta contains the cocktail of Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and potassium in their natural form. These minerals are available In- our diets in very small quantity and are destroyed by the toxic foods and
polluted environment. Their deficiency is the primary cause of diabetic condition, as they are the main contents of insulin formed in our body.) as an   additional therapy and once get relief, cut down on allopathic medicines. Watch care fully diabetic health. Eat lot of Greens, Salads, and yellow vegetables like pumpkin, papaya, etc.
33) In fact  ZETA  must be consumed by every body to prevent the deficiency of these very Essential minerals for healthy blood cells maintenance. This will help prevent deadly like Diabetes, cancer, BP & heart, Liver and  Kidney, related diseases.,Many allopathic  medicines are available as supplements of these minerals, allopathic medicines are available as supplements of these minerals, prescribed remained and to be supplemented by natural compound. ZETA is the only answer.
34) ZETA isin liquid form and to be taken in the morning / or any time during the day. You can mix fresh lemon  juice, or mix the ZETA in any fruit juice or Honey for Taste. The product is not very and can be taken by every human (avoid  Ladies during pregnancy ) ZETA is marketed by divine Aloevera Laboratories. Zeta is100% veg. safe to use without any side effects. The MRP of 500Ml is. Rs.250/ only and sufficient for 25 days if taken 20 ml every day. Only Rs.10/-day.


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